Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Mistakes happen to everyone, but he who learns from his mistakes is a wise man.

You should not repeat your mistakes.

There is hardly any person in the world who does not make mistakes, mistakes are made by all and there is a saying that these mistakes happen to humans, but a human being who makes mistakes constantly and does not learn from his mistakes. We can never call that person an intelligent person, that person will be an intelligent person.

Do you remember that you used to learn from your mistakes in school?

You must have noticed that when we go to school we keep making mistakes in reading but we learn to read even after trying constantly because we get to learn from mistakes. When we make a mistake, our teacher tells us that it is not right and this also makes us understand how we should read the word.

Another example, when we learn to drive a car, we make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, we sometimes forget to put on gear or we forget to brake, but the teacher who teaches us the car, we get all these Constantly tells about things. . Keeps telling us that one day we learn to drive a car.

And not knowing how many things we do in our life, learn and make mistakes in it. It is common to make a mistake and feel a mistake that one who does not do so is himself a wrong person. We should realize our mistakes and we should try to make mistakes and not make mistakes again.